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Hot Stone Massage Therapy: As can be understood by the name, this kind of massage therapy consists of the therapist placing a set of smooth and lukewarm stones on particular points across your body while giving you a proper massage. The stones used in this particular therapy are ideally basalt stones (volcanic stones) that possess the properties of good heat retention. This rather relaxing massage therapy is however not recommended for everyone. If you are planning on getting this therapy, then you should probably consider your health conditions and get yourself a professional medical opinion first.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy: This is one of the most ancient massage therapies being used effectively throughout the world even today. Originating from the ancient Japanese medicine culture, Shiatsu Massage Therapy consists of the therapist assisting you to a mat on the ground and using his/her fingers, hands and sometimes even palms to apply localized pressure onto particular pressure points in order to stimulate acupressure points, thereby improving the flow of “Qui” or energy throughout the body. It is especially considered beneficial for getting relaxation from acute stress.

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Spots Massage Therapy: This is a form of a modern massage therapy that has been particularly developed keeping the athletes and sports people in mind. Being a very specific kind of therapy, it requires customization of massage strokes and patterns before being applied to a particular sports person and helps improve flexibility, heal injuries and enhance a specific athletic character of the given sports person depending upon the kind of sport and game he/she plays. Apart from sports people, this type of therapy may be applied to heal a number of other injuries in common men including chronic muscle pain, cramps or restricted movements.

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